Will you reach further?

You can make this year of sports ministry the most impactful yet.


REACH is not just a conference. It is a three-day gathering uniting a community of Church sports, recreation and fitness leaders.

REACH is currently accepting proposals for track sessions to be led at the 2019 event.

REACHgathering leadership consists of a collaboration between 3 ministries and 4 local churches united together to see the Gospel advanced through local church sports, recreation, and fitness ministry.

REACH is more than an event.  It is a movement, a growing movement, of gospel centered, reproducing sports, recreation, and fitness leaders.

Come expecting God to move - to use this time together to make you more effective in ministry - something we’ve seen him do since the beginning of REACH.  


“God is doing big things through sports ministry, and I love being with people who have the same passions and encouraging stories.”

- REACHgathering 2018 partipant”


// We Have Fuel For The Full & The Weary

Ministry is no 9-5 job. It takes the demands of an ordinary job plus the ongoing demand to be spiritually healthy, pursue life-giving conversations, and maintain balance in life. It’s a difficult role that God has asked you to fulfill.

God has also called you into community. You are not meant to walk through your vocation alone.

Through REACH you will find like-minded people, resources, tools, encouragement, and a support system to push you into your most impactful year.

REACH is not here to tell you how to work harder. REACH is here to provide an environment where we collectively surrender to God, learn to walk in the power of the Gospel and connect with like-minded ministers as we do His work.


"I'm so thankful for all of the leaders, organizers and participants at REACH. I'm blessed by the ideas, encouragement, connections (and re-connections) made this week."

— REACHgathering 2018 Participant


2019 is going to be bigger.